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    The Surgical Surprises session has been an enormously popular session since its inception. The accepted videos will be presented in person by the author.

    Videos should show an unexpected event or complication that occurred during surgery, followed by the corrective action taken to remedy it. The presentation will be marked by several video pause intervals when the presenter will interact with the expert panel of surgeons, urologists and gynecologists, as well as the audience in a lively discussion of alternative options etc. This particular strength of the SLS is what distinguishes this program.

    The videos submissions are selected on the basis of: multispecialty appeal, good video quality, and the unusual event – a true surprise!

    Submissions that describe “this is how I do this operation”, or is a “lecture” by the presenter will be rejected, as they are not considered “surprises”.

    Please arrange your video (and submission notes) by:

    - Brief history and indication for surgery
    - Surgery and surprise event
    - Remedy of the accident/surprise
    - Outcome and follow up imaging if appropriate

    The total video length should be between 2-5 minutes. There should be no narration or music.

    The moderator will decide the stop points on the video and lead the discussion.

    To submit the video which has been formatted as described above, please use the steps outlined below:

    Step 1: Upload Video. Visit Sign in with Username: SLSVideoUpload, Password: UploadVideo20. Videos should be between 2-5 minutes and under 2GB.

    Step 2: Fill out this form and make sure to include the link to the video you uploaded.

    All persons whose videos are accepted for inclusion must be paid registrants and must be present at the session. It is important that those whose videos are presented during the session are present in order to clarify issues and answer questions. Please keep in mind that video presentations will be at the discretion of the panel, Director, and Co-Director. There may not be an opportunity to show all videos since this will be an interactive session and discussion and participation from the audience is unpredictable.

    For further information contact Isabel at SLS via telephone: (305) 665-9959 or via email at
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